Premium Black Angus Beef

~ Our Mission ~

RiverView produces Black Angus cattle. We have spent years building our herd and taking pride in the genetics of our animals. Only the best animals are retained in our herd and we maintain full traceability of each animal. Our cattle are born, raised and spend their entire lives on the farm. Providing the best beef to the local community is our goal. Our process involves very strict animal-husbandry practices that follow the calves from birth through the point of sale. We respect our animals and ensure they are treated humanely throughout the farming process.

~ Our Process ~

Our cattle are closely observed each day to monitor their health and development. They are free to roam the farm's lush pastures as a closed herd. Fresh water is available via the farm's wells and automatic water systems. RiverView uses no animal by-products of any kind. The herd's diet is supplemented with on-demand vitamins and minerals to maintain the natural health of the animals. Grain-feed cattle are finished on a diet consisting of corn and plant-based protein supplements. Grass-feed cattle are raised on mostly forages to maximize the leanness of the meat.

Ordering Beef

Why Buy Custom or Freezer Beef?

It's a healthier option. All the meat is from one locally raised animal. Your local farmer is available to describe their farming practices so that you can make good decisions for your family.

The meat is processed to your specifications. The leanness of the ground beef, the weight of the roasts, and the thickness of the steaks are to your specification.

Averaged meat cost is cheaper than grocery stores. Just like Costco or Sam's Club, bulk buying tends to be cheaper.

You are supporting local farmers and processors. Shopping locally keeps the majority of the money in your community's local economy.

Buying from local farms keeps farmers in business. Small farms are the backbone of America's food supply. Without small farmers, your food would be solely sourced by corporate factory farms.

Orders are typically taken by phone due to the custom specifications of each order. To help with the ordering process, please review the attached documents below.

Frequent Questions

Typical prices:
Grain Fed - $3.59 /lb. carcass weight plus processor/butcher fees
Grass Fed - $4.09/lb. carcass weight plus processor/butcher fees

A whole carcass weighs 500 - 700 pounds. Each carcass is made up of two sides, weighing 250 - 350 pounds each.

No. Although some of our customers with large families buy a whole carcass, most buy just a half. You can also split a half with a friend or we might be able to find someone to split a half with you.

Yes, you can have a choice - within limits. You can choose the size of beef of what is available at the time you want beef.

You, the customer, makes the choices of how the beef is cut. See cutting order in the website. We gladly will help you with cutting decisions.

A good rule of thumb is that you will get roughly 60% of the carcass weight in take-home cuts. For example, a 300 pound carcass will yield about 200 pounds in take-home meat.
Of the 200 pounds, about 25% will be steaks, 35% roasts/other cuts, and 40% ground beef. These numbers can vary from animal to animal and will depend on how you want the carcass processed.

Any or even all roasts can be made in ground beef. We just cannot make more steaks!

We think this the fairest method of pricing for both the buyer and the seller. You are technically buying the live animal (or a share of the animal). Identifying ear tag number and any other information you need is available on request.

No tax is paid on beef bought directly from the farmer.

After all the beef is processed and the meat frozen, it will be picked up and brought back to the farm. You do not have to drive to the processor. A pickup date and directions will be given when you place your order.

Approximately 15 cubic foot of freezer space is needed for a 300 pound half. The way the meat is cut and the way it is stacked in the freezer will affect the space needed.

Roasts - (3 - 4) lbs
Groud Beef - 80% Lean & 1 lbs packs
Steaks - 3/4 inch thick