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Farm Products

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RiverView Family Farm is a perfect setting for raising cattle. One of the ways we market our cattle is by providing custom beef from our farm to your table. We have spent years building our herd and we take pride in the genetics of our animals. We choose to keep only the best and we have full traceability of each animal. Our cattle have been born, raised, and spent the entire time of their lives on our farm. Having the best beef for our customer’s freezer is our goal. Through very strict animal husbandry practices that follow the calf from birth to the time it is loaded to leave the farm, our treatment of the animals is always humane and respectful.

The cattle are closely watched at birth to prevent calving problems. As the calves grow, they are free to romp and roam the lush pastures with their mothers. Our cattle are raised to produce the finest tasting beef possible. As the animals mature, they are placed in a feedlot where there’s still tons of room for each animal to move and ramble around. The lot and the feeding facilities are kept in clean condition to ensure the safety and health of each animal. Fresh water is available at all times. We use automatic watering systems with fresh well water. We have an automatic feeding system that allows each animal to eat, as they desire. Food and complete mineral supplements are available at all times. The cattle are not crowded. There is no competition for feed and only their diet is controlled.

At Riverview Family Farm, we use no animal by-products of any kind. Vitamins and mineral supplements are given to the cattle. Cattle in the feedlot are on a complete feed consisting of corn and plant based protein supplement. We offer premium beef at prices competitive with what consumers would pay at local supermarkets for lower quality beef. It is our intent to have the highest quality, most flavorful lean beef to offer directly to families.

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Event Hosting

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RiverView Family Farm is the perfect setting to host a wide range of events focused on building lasting memories!


Utilize our Legacy Barn and lake-side setting to make your wedding dreams come true. Take advantage of our 6000 sq. ft. hand-crafted barn over-looking the Fort Loudon Lake and capable of hosting up to 250 guests. Words can’t describe the beauty.


From farm themed children’s birthdays, milestone birthdays, anniversaries, rehearsal dinners, and other special occasions, let us help you create fond memories utilizing our outdoor pavilion, legacy barn, or lake-side landscape.

Corporate Events

Change your scenery by moving your corporate meeting to our picturesque spot on the lake away from office distractions, or celebrate the holidays with your team in a relaxing setting that alleviates stress.

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